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Santeria, is not just practiced in Haiti and the bayous of Louisiana. It is practiced just about everywhere in the United States and beyond.
Santeria or La Regla Lucumi originated from West Africa It is the traditional religion of the Yoruba people. The slavery trade brought many people to Cuba, Brazil, Haiti, Trinidad and Puerto Rico. Santeria’s roots are in Africa, in the Yoruba religions native to Nigeria. Africans often brought their cult practices with them, when sold into slavery.La Botanica, is a religious supply store you can find all that is needed to practice the craft. They can be found on every other street in cities all over the United States.
They vend books on religious rituals, CDs of drumming music, incense, idols of every size, sacrificial bowls; voodoo dolls called madams, pictures, statues of Jesus, Mary, Lazarus, religious jewelry and spiritual readings. Do not go into them!In Santeria, there is a hierarchy of spirits that you must consult for different needs, such as, love, money, sickness, and protection against your enemies. You must approach them with an offering of what that particular Orsha likes, like fruit, rum, cigars, etc. and wearing certain colors that pertain to that spirit. If the Orisha accepts you, you will receive a blessing, if they do not, you may be punished.
You can see where the certain Old Testament elements of the bible have been twisted and incorporated into their practices, such as animal sacrifice, bringing a gift to the Prophet, even fasting and a form of cultist consecration.
In order to be made a High Priest or Priestess after your have gone through several ceremonial levels and many offerings; you are required to fast for seven days and stay inside after which you must wear white for one year. You are to touch no one and no one is to touch you or else you will be considered unclean.Santeria, has gone through many transformations in order to survive. When Yoruban slaves, (in Africa), were brought to Cuba, in 1517, the Catholic Church wanted to appease the slaves and allowed their occult practiced to be incorporated into Catholicism.
To appease the people, the Catholic they were allowed to continue their dark practices as long as they accepted the Catholic Church. As a result you can be a very devout Catholic and practice animal sacrifice and worship to Spirits (Orishas).
You may not know it, but the practice of Santeria is all around us. There are literally millions of followers from every walk of life, doctors, lawyers, politicians and the sweet old grandmother new door.
On more than one occasion, I have seen a headless chicken discarded in the middle of a city crosswalk.It was the aftermath of a cleansing ceremony or offering to an Orisha or spirit guide!The first time I ever attended a meeting where they were practicing Santeria, was as a high school student. A girl invited us to go with her somewhere, but did not tell us where. We stood on the basement stairs as we watched the ceremony below. It was eerie and foreboding as though we were observing some dark secret ritual.
I never thought much of it until later that summer I was having problems with my boyfriend. My best friend was Puerto Rican and she told me, her mother could consult the spirit to find out if my boyfriend loved me or not.
Her mother agreed to do a reading for me and went into her bedroom with a cigar and began to consult the orisha. The dog began to howl as though he was terrified. I asked my girlfriend, why the dog was howling like that and she told me not moved, that he could feel the spirits.
Many people unknowingly get involved in the satanic the same way; by wanting to know the future or hear from a departed loved one. It is very dangerous when you open yourself to these types of spirits they cling to you and do not want to let go. Read: But it wasn’t so easy to separate from it! I later met a woman who befriended me who was a priestess in Santeria and became my God mother. She was in charge of my spiritual instruction and cleansing through ritual and spiritual baths. I can not say why I was attracted to Santeria, perhaps it was my Afro-Carribean background, or perhaps I was really searching spiritually.
Many people searching for God can get seduced into these types of cults. They sound spiritual, they pray, there is always and open Bible on the alter. If you don’t know what Santeria is you can be tricked.
I questioned whether this was good or evil, but was told my my Godmother that she only practiced this art to help people. Being an addict at the time, I guess I was looking for something to make me better. Though I had gone to church from the time I was a small child, I found this different, strongly cultural and hauntingly beautiful.The time of my greatest awaken to Santeria was when I attended a service where one of my god-brothers was making a service to one of his orishas (spirit that protect him). When I can into the house I went to the bathroom and saw chickens pigeons and a goat.
There was a group of people in the apartment all talking, drinking as the drummers played in the background. It was like a celebration and a crackle of excitement was in the air. Later a man came in carrying a black attache case. To my surprise, when he opened it up, it displayed a set of ceremonial knives.
Two men brought the goat to the table as the babalo cut the throat of the goat, while someone else caught the blood in a wooden bowl. Never in my life would I have ever expected to see an animal sacrifice, especially in an apartment in the Bronx, NY.
After the ceremony I walked home quite disturbed. I knew this was deeply wrong and at that moment a scripture came to me from my childhood. Jesus Christ, the lamb of God, slain from the foundation of the world. I wondered if Jesus has already died for us, why were people doing animal sacrifices.
From that time on I began to separate myself from Santeria. At the time I wasn’t a Christian, but God was speaking to my heart.Jesus is the way, truth and the life, no man comes to the Father except for the Son. There are many counterfeit and seducing spirits in the world. Their purpose is to deceive and lead people astray. As Satan wanted Jesus to fall down and worship Him, these false spirits want worship from man. The worship that belongs to God alone.
Over 30 years ago I repenting my involvement with Santeria and renounced its evil works. I can not go into why it is wrong, but if you are interested, please read: What the Bible says about Santeria.
For more information read: Santeria – Mystical but is it Scriptural?Father God, I believe that Jesus Christ is your son, and that died for my sins. I have been involved in witchcraft, Santeria, and demonic practices. I ask that you forgive me for my sins. I reject and renounce, Satan and all his power. I reject Santeria, I reject tarot cards, I reject everything I have done that is not pleasing to you. Satan, I want no part of you, or your works. Jesus, wash me in your blood, and take over my life, in Jesus Name, Amen! Witchcraft is one of the world’s oldest spiritual traditions, yet also one of the most misunderstood. Television, movies, and comic books abound with stereotypes and misconceptions about what it really means to be a witch. Many people decide they want to become a witch because they relate to the witches and wizards in fictional stories, such as Harry Potter or Narnia. However, the magic you see portrayed on-screen is usually significantly different from real magick practiced by devout witches, wizards, sorcerers, and ceremonial magickians every day.
Okay, so witchcraft is often misunderstood. But what is witchcraft? To put it simply, witchcraft is the practice of magick. That’s it. Contrary to popular belief, witchcraft is not a religion; it is a spiritual practice that may or may not be part of a person’s religious faith. Witchcraft is often conflated with Wicca, which is an actual religion. It is important to remember that not all witches are Wiccan, and not all Wiccans are witches. Many Wiccans practice witchcraft, but many do not. Many who practice witchcraft are Wiccan, but most are not.What is magick? Magick is alive and well, although there is some considerable debate as to what it really is. Some believe magick to be purely spiritual power, while others believe that magick is just as much of a force in the natural universe as gravity or electricity. One popular notion is that magick does not actually violate the natural laws of the physical universe, but is simply a law unto itself that we do not yet have the scientific means to understand.
Similar beliefs are held about psychic powers and other paranormal phenomena. In this perspective, magick is very similar to dark matter. We know it exists, but we just can’t quite tell what it is or what it looks like. Witchcraft is the use of magick to achieve an end that cannot easily be achieved through normal, or mundane means.
Before you cast a spell, you shouldDrake – Practice (Lyrics) [NORMAL PITCH]

Practice Fusion: Free Electronic Health Records
Practice | Define Practice at
Practice – Merriam-Webster Online
practice – definition of practice by The Free Dictionary

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iPad Mini vs Kindle Fire HD

The iPad is a versatile device, of that there is no doubt. For instance, it can be used to take pictures or record video. An iPad can be used to compose music, browse the web, write a blog post, or create a multimedia presentation. It already replaces a number of separate devices that we used to rely on for just these tasks, so the notion of adding yet another use – an iPad document camera – does not take too much additional imagination. This is, after all, a device that is now synonymous with creativity and versatility. So, let’s take a look at how to set one up, and explore some ideas for how you might use it in the classroom.If you are thinking of using your iPad as a document camera in the classroom, you will first want to get yourself a stand or some kind of secure foundation to mount the iPad. Here you have two choices. You either buy a dedicated document camera stand, or you make one yourself.
On the DIY front, teachers have come up with a number of creative ways to do this for little or no money. In a pinch, you can of course just hold the iPad above the object that you want to show the rest of the class. However, this does not always give the most stable picture, and it is not ideal showing and teaching at the same time.
Other teachers have used textbooks or other classroom apparatus that they already have, like a ring stand or a locker shelf, to create a makeshift stand that allows the iPad to be positioned correctly and the teacher to be hands-free.
However, perhaps one of the more successful DIY solutions, if you have the time to build it, is the type of document camera stand that is shown in the video below. It is made from a variety of PVC pipes and joints and costs as little as $7 to make!The DIY approach is a great way for teachers (or schools) to save some money, and in a sector that is always looking for ways to cut costs, it is hard to ignore. However, as you might expect, there are a number of manufacturers that have created a dedicated solution for teachers who want to use their iPad as a document camera at school. Three such solutions are detailed below.It’s not one of the cheaper options, but it is very well made and does exactly what you would expect it to do. It is not made specifically for the iPad, but it will fit full-size iPads. It is height adjustable and the arm rotates in all directions. It also comes with a detachable LED light that can help illuminate what you are trying to show. Watch a demo of the stand in action below.This is one of the more popular iPad document camera stands because of the number of features it has, and the great build quality that it offers for the money. It has lots of adjustments to cope with almost any situation you might need it for, and it works with all versions of the iPad due to the adjustable iPad mount. It also folds up into a compact unit when not in use so it is easy to store or transport between classrooms. Find out more about the Justand here and in the video below.This stand comes in a variety of models, depending on which iPad you are looking to use with it. This is because of the non adjustable frame that you put the iPad in when you use this stand. This makes it less of a convenient option if you already have your iPad in a well protected case, but you can be sure of a good fit because the Illustrate is built specifically to hold that model of iPad. The stand itself is versatile and flexible in the way it can be used to help display your content. You can see how it works in the video demo below.Once you have your iPad in the stand of your choosing, you will need to make sure that you know how to project your iPad to a TV or LCD Projector so that you can share the video feed with the rest of the class. Here are three of the most common methods.
VGA or HDMI Adapters: Apple produce a number of VGA or HDMI adapters that can be used to create a wired display connection between your iPad and an LCD projector or HDTV. You plug the adapter into the charging port on your iPad, and connect the projector or TV cable to the adapter. There is a 30-pin VGA adapter for 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation iPads as well as a Lightning VGA adapter for 4th generation iPads, the iPad Mini and the iPad Air. You can also get an 30-pin HDMI adapter and a Lightning HDMI adapter if those fit your display device better.
AirPlay Software: Software companies have taken advantage of a technology called Airplay that Apple originally introduced to the iPad 2, and now include with all new Apple devices. You install software like Reflector or Airserver on your Mac or PC, and use AirPlay on your iPad to project the image of your iPad wirelessly to your computer. If your computer is connected to a TV or projector, that image is then broadcast live to the entire class.
The Apple TV: It started as a hobby for Apple, but it has since gone on to be one of their best-selling products. Connecting an Apple TV to your HDTV or projector gives you the same wireless projection options that you get with Reflector or AirServer. However, a new feature in iOS 8 means that you can project the image of your iPad to an Apple TV without an Internet connection. Reflector and AirServer will always need Wi-Fi in order for your devices to see each other.
For a step-by-step guide on wireless projection options for your iPad, please read this article: An Educator’s Guide to Airplay on iPads and Macs.By now you are probably thinking that there must be an app for this, right? Indeed there is. In fact there are a number of apps that you could use when you decide to use your iPad as a document camera. Here are three of the best.
The iOS Camera app (Free): If you don’t want to bother with installing additional apps, you can use the camera app that comes with all iPads. In Photo mode, you can pinch to zoom in and snap a quick picture of anything that you have underneath the iPad. In Video mode, you can record all the action, with audio, as it happens.
Illustrate (Free): For some additional options, you can use the Illustrate app that was created by JoyFactory to use alongside their Illustrate document camera stand. However, you can use the app regardless of whether you use their stand or not. With Illustrate, you can annotate over a live video image with a pen, label or text tool. You can also capture a photo of your screen at any point. It doesn’t have a video recording feature built-in, but if you know how to record your iPad screen, you can easily create a quick video yourself. Download Illustrate for iPad here.
Stage (Free or $4.99): With perhaps the longest name of any app in the app store, the Stage: Interactive Whiteboard and Document Camera app was created by Belkin to accompany its Tablet Stage stand. However, as with Illustrate, you can use it with any stand you happen to be using. It comes in two versions. The free version is has similar functionality to the Illustrate app above, but the Pro version adds a shape tool, video recording, academic backgrounds, and the ability to import multiple images at once. Download Stage for iPad here.
You probably have some great ideas for how you want to use an iPad document camera, but if you are looking for some more inspiration, here are some of the more innovative ways to use a document camera in the classroom.
App demonstrations: As we saw above, there are numerous ways to project your iPad onto a larger screen, however, the problem you sometimes encounter is that students can’s see what you are touching unless you tell them every time you do it. You can get solve this problem by putting another iPad under your document camera stand. This way, your students will see exactly what you are touching on the screen at any given time.
Review Tool: Many teachers use a document camera to review a test or assignment that has previously been administered in class. With the document camera you can discuss and highlight what the correct answers were and why you were looking for those answers.
A Tripod for Video: Not everything needs to be underneath a document camera. In fact, if you have one of the more flexible stands above, you could use the iPad to record students giving speeches, or even use it for video conferencing.
Flipping Your Classroom: Not all subjects lend themselves to the flipped classroom instructional method, but using your iPad as a document camera could help with that. For instance, in Science you could record a lab experiment or a dissection and then share that as part of your online instruction, or send it to students that may have been absent that day.
Interactive Whiteboard: Both the Stage and Illustrate apps have built-in whiteboards that allow you to use your iPad as an interactive whiteboard. Obviously you don’t need it in a stand to do this, but if you want to quickly switch between the live video feed and a blank page where you have been taking notes, you can do this with those apps.
Math Manipulatives: Elementary teachers can use document cameras to show how t

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Ways to Make Money on the Internet

There are many factors that can effect wireless network performance and can make using wireless seem slow. Correcting these issues can improve the performance of your wireless connection and make it faster. We will first take a look at what can negatively effect the wireless speed and in each section below offer ways to fix the performance issues.
These factors can negatively effect the performance:
Interference or Network Congestion (Radio Frequency Interference)
Environmental Issues (Construction materials and objects within the house)
Distance (Actual distance between the router and the wireless device)
Encryption (If and what type of Encryption is selected)
Wireless Operating Mode
When it comes to interference, it can come from a number of different consumer electronic devices. One of the most common culprits are the older 2.4 gigahertz cordless phones. In some severe cases the Internet won’t work while you’re on the home phone using a older cordless phone. Wireless speakers, wireless cameras, baby monitors, microwave ovens and even other wireless networks, such as a neighbor’s can compete for the same airwaves causing interference or wireless network congestion.
Interference can also be caused by simply having another electronic device too close to the wireless router itself. If the wireless router is sitting on or very close to a TV or sub-woofer speaker, or other electronic device, it can cause interference. In fact, in some cases if the router is to close to the wall and power is running inside the wall, that can cause issues. This is especially true if that power line is feeding fluorescent light bulbs.
Interference and congestion cause Interruptions in the wireless broadcast causing the router and network adapters to constant have to repeat the same Information over and over. This is what makes the wireless network seem slow.
What can I do about Interference or Network Congestion?
Well, the obvious answer is that you can increase the distance between the offending device and the router or power down the offending device and no longer use it. That might be a little extreme in some situations. The other thing you can do to compensate for the interference is change the wireless channel that the router operates on. You would need to login to your wireless router to make changes to the router settings.
When you change the wireless channel on the router, the wireless adapters in all the connected devices automatically tune to the new channel. Technically there are 14 channels, but in North America, we are only permitted to use channels 1 through 11.
Most routers manufactures use the default setting in the router to use either channel 1, 6 or 11. Although you are free to use any wireless channel in that range, the reason why is 1, 6 and 11 are most popular is that it is the most number of channels, in that range, that do not overlap each other.To select the best channel, you can randomly choose one and then see if the performance improves. If you determined earlier that you think it was from a old 2.4GHz phone, see if the phone works properly now without static on the line while using the wireless at the same time. You can also check for a improvement by running a speed test to see if your data transfer rates increased.
I want to check to see what channel other wireless networks in the area are using so that I can avoid wireless congestion, how can I find out?
One of my favorite (and free) tools is a smart phone app for both the Android and iPhone. It is called WiFi Analyzer. It will show you a constantly updating chart of the competing wireless networks in your area, the strength of the network and what channel it is tuned into through your phone. Sliding the screen enough to the left or right will bring you to a screen full of “star graphs” where it will recommend the best channel based off of other wireless networks in the area are using. It shows the network names, the channel that they are using and the strength of that network.
If you do not have a smart phone, there is also a excellent WiFi scanner that does the pretty much the same thing as well, called Meraki WiFi Stumbler. It runs within most computer Internet web browsers.Environmental factors can effect the wireless transmission include the construction of the house and objects within the house. Wireless signals do not transmit well through concrete, metal or water. If the house or an object within the house made of one of these materials and is in line of sight from your wireless router to your wireless device, it will impact the performance.
If the walls are made of concrete block (maybe in a garage converted to a bed room) you will most likely have a signal degradation issue trying to use a wireless device with the router in another area of the house. Some newer construction uses metal studs in place of wood studs within the walls and some older homes with plaster walls may have chicken wire in them. Neither situation would be ideal for wireless.
What can I do to improve the wireless environment?
As a rule of thumb, usually having the wireless router centrally located in the house is ideal. Also the higher up your wireless router usually the better. If it’s on the floor or under a bed with metal box springs, under a pull out couch, things like that it will not transmit as well is that was on the table or preferably on top of a bookcase.
Often times, the modem was installed in a corner of the house and it is not practical to run a Ethernet cable through the house or the wireless router is built into the modem. You could check with your ISP (Internet Service Provider) to see if they can relocate it for you. Often there will be a charge for this to be done.
If your wireless router has a external antenna or antennas and if they are the removable kind, make sure they are screwed on finger tight. Some wireless routers that have removable antennas also offer higher gain performance antennas to connect instead of the stock antennas.
Since you can not see the wireless signals you have to imagine how the are flowing off and back to the antenna. They transmit and receive from the sides of the antenna. In most cases it’s best to have the antenna pointing straight up and down. If you are having trouble with a room on another floor in the house, it might help to put the antenna at a 45 degree or 90 degree angle.
If your router has an internal antenna (common in modem/router combo units) you might get better performance of the modem with the device standing up tall vs. laying down or turning it slightly one way or the other. By changing the direction of a router with internal antennas, you are changing the positions/directions of those internal antennas. Unfortunately, the only way to tell the optimum placement, no matter the design, is to adjust the placement, check the results and repeat.As you move farther away from your wireless router the signal gets weaker and weaker until there is no longer a connection. The weaker the signal, the more the transmission gets lost and the devices have to constantly re-communicate. It makes your wireless slow. Obviously the closer you are to your router, the more performance you will notice.
Also in a weak signal environment, make sure that you are truly connected to your wireless and not a neighbors. Seems obvious but it is often overlooked. Sometimes I have seen where there are two wireless networks in range both with the same name, such as “Netgear” for example. The person I was assisting was complaining about a slow or weak wireless connection and they were connected to their neighbors open wireless network.Why is encryption really needed if it is going to negatively effect the wireless performance?
Leaving your wireless with no encryption (called a open network) allows unknown people within range of the wireless to connect and use the bandwidth you are paying for. As they are using a portion of your bandwidth or speed, this will result in a slower browsing experience for you and is very risky. Even worse, you do not know what they are doing when connected to your Internet connection. Keep in mind that they are feeling anonymous. If they are searching for or conducting illegal activities, it shows that it is associated with your Internet account, your address and your name.
Don’t put yourself in a situation that you have to prove yourself innocent. It could be a very bad situation that you can easily avoid.
Also, even if unintentional, the unauthorized person connected may have a virus or malware on their system that they are unaware of. That virus can spread through the network of computers in your house and out through your Internet account. This can cause slower Wi-Fi performance as well.
It can also result in generating a lot of spam mail through your Internet account. As you can see, it is not a good idea to go unprotected to save the small performance hit. Encryption is a necessary evil for wireless networks.
So we need the se

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Pumpkin Nutrition And Health Benefits

As the weather starts to warm up, your nutrition needs are
going to change a little bit. Sure, the basics stay the same – you need to eat
a balanced diet, watch your caloric intake, etc. However, there are some extra
things that you have to pay attention to when the temperatures outside start to

Here are 10 smart nutrition tips to remember this summer:

1.    Drink water. It is always important
that you get enough water in your diet. Water helps to make all of your bodily
functions work properly. It helps with the digestion of any of the other foods
that you take in. Drinking water helps to keep your energy levels up. It’s
particularly important in the summer since it’s so warm outside. Your hair and
skin can easily dry out in the summer but this problem is prevented (at least
in part) when you drink enough water. Drink the minimum of eight glasses of
water per day. Try to get in other forms of water as well.

2.    Cut back on the caffeine. Not only do
you want to make sure that you are getting enough water in the summer but you
also need to make sure that you’re not getting too much caffeine. Among other
things, caffeine can dehydrate the body, which will negate the positive effects
of all of that water that you’re drinking. You can’t afford to have that
happening during the hot summer months so you should cut back on coffee and
soda. If you can’t stand to only drink water then you can add unsweetened
herbal iced tea and low-fat milk to your diet.

3.    Eat more berries. Your body will be
better capable of storing the water that you’re providing it with if you eat
the right foods. Berries are some of the best foods that you can add to your
diet in the summer. Not only do they assist your body in using water but they
also taste nice and refreshing during that summer heat!

4.    Be smart about your salads. Many people
start to eat a lot of fresh salads during the summer months. This is a great
idea because salads are easy to prepare, don’t require cooking in a hot kitchen
and are healthy for your body. However, you do have to make sure that you’re
using smart nutrition when you eat a lot of salad. The main thing is to pay
attention to how much dressing you put on your salads and what type of dressing
are using. A fresh dressing made from lemons and olive oil is going to be a
lot healthier for you than a creamy packaged dressing.

5.    Get in your protein. Many people tend
to reduce their protein intake during the warmer months of the year. Your body
just doesn’t crave all of those meats in hot weather. However, you don’t want
to neglect protein altogether. It’s an important part of your diet. Plus, it’s
going to help your hair stay healthy which can be tough in the summer months
with all of the warm weather and chlorinated swimming!

6.    Add vegetables to the grill. One way
that people do get their protein in during the summer is by grilling meat on
the barbecue. That’s great (especially if you’re choosing smart, lean cuts of
meat). However, you shouldn’t neglect the opportunity to get in some other
important nutrition during this time as well by adding vegetables to the grill.
Make some shish kebabs or simply add veggies to the top of the grill so that
you’re getting more than just your protein every time that you barbecue.

7.    Get enough potassium. Many people tend
to be more active in the summer months. There are more hours in the day so you
have more time to get outside and horse around. Unfortunately, sweating during
the summer months can cause muscle problems because it throws off your
electrolytes. You can avoid this problem by making sure that you get enough
potassium into your diet during the summer months.

8.    Eat seasonal produce. There are a lot
of really great foods that come into season in the summer. They help to form
the bulk of your healthy diet at this time of year. Both fruits and vegetables
that come into season throughout the summer will be great for your body. Shopping
at your local farmer’s market is a terrific way to find out which foods are in
season in your area.

9.    Eat fruit smoothies instead of ice cream.
It’s tempting to eat some foods during the summer that really don’t offer the
best nutrition for you. Ice cream is a terrific example of a summer food like
this. Learn to make substitutions so that you’re eating foods that are just as
refreshing but a lot healthier for you. Substituting fruit smoothing (made from
milk, yogurt and fresh fruit) for your ice cream is a great example of how to
do this.

10. Make sure that your food is fresh. All
of that great nutrition that you’re getting from following these other tips is
going to go right out the window if you make yourself sick by eating foods that
aren’t fresh. This is a particular concern in the summer because the
temperatures get warmer and foods spoil more quickly. Make sure that you pay
extra careful attention to the freshness of meats and seafood. 

About Pumpkins

One of the healthiest foods consumed by us the pumpkin has many nutritional benefits. The health benefits of eating it can never be outweighed by anything and is diverse and super-food, which is used worldwide in many cuisines in unique and delicious ways. The pumpkin is a fruit which is widely thought of and used like a vegetable. This very healthy food is a member of the gourd or cucurbit family which consists of foods like the cucumber, melon, cantaloupe, squash, loofahs and of course the infamous pumpkin.
The pumpkin was first grown by Native Americans along with beans and corns. The three of them were known as the three sisters as they were cultivated in the same field and harvested around the same time. The Native Americans realized the goodness of eating this fruit and utilized it well, even using the flower and buds in stews and the seeds as medicine. They made good use of it in different ways by drying and pounding to make flour. For the winter months they dehydrated or roasted it, this way it lasted much longer so they could enjoy eating pumpkin throughout the season.
Having a healthy dose of pumpkin in the diet regularly may aid in the fight against diseases and sickness. Pumpkin has many nutritional benefits and is delicious and easy to prepare. Its sweet flavor enhances any meal and can be included in your entree, appetizer, dessert or even made into snacks. The skin of the pumpkin also has its share of health benefits so don’t leave it out of your diet.

Vitamin A: One of the benefits of eating pumpkin is to obtain this nutrient better known as Beta Carotene, better known for its powerful combination of Carotenoids. The Alpha-carotene, Beta-carotene and beta-cryptoxanthin work together in synergy to produce vitamin A which promotes healthy eyesight and prevents bacterial infections in the respiratory, urinary and intestinal tract. Carotenoids are contained in bright colored foods and is known as provitamin A carotenoid which is made into retinol in the body. Beta-carotene is the provitamin A that is most efficiently made into retinol. Vitamin A helps the body’s ability to fight infection and a deficiency can be very fatal especially in children who have been known to die from infectious diseases as a result of this vitamin deficiency.

Vitamin E:Another nutritional benefit of pumpkin is the presence Vitamin E, a fat-soluble nutrient that acts as an antioxidant to helps fight free radicals. Our bodies converts food into energy and when it does compounds known as free radicals are formed. These are also found in our surroundings such as in UVA/UVB rays and the air. Free radicals are cancer causing agents and we need vitamin E to help fight them. Vitamin E is a powerful immune system booster that also fights bacteria and viruses. It also expands our blood vessels to reduce the risk of blood clots.

Potassium: Yet another health benefit of eating pumpkin is having this mineral in the diet to help reduce the risk of stroke, hypertension, heart disease, hypoglycemia, diabetes, obesity and kidney disease. Also known to increase muscular strength, this mineral aids in the relief of stress, irritability and anxiety. The third most plentiful mineral found in the body, it’s many health benefits include keeping the water balance in our cells which also helps to lower high blood pressure and protect us against the effects of sodium on blood pressure.

Magnesium: Needed for quite a number biochemical reactions in the body it is the fourth most ample mineral in the body. It aids in the regulation of normal muscle and nerve function. Other nutritional benefits of magnesium in pumpkin includes supporting a healthy immune system, keeping the rhythm of the heart steady, keeping the bones strong, the regulating of the blood sugar levels and assisting the balancing of blood pressure.

Vitamin C: Did you know that the all star vitamin C is also found in pumpkins? A very powerful

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Herbal Tea: A Selection of Common Teas for Health and Healing

Latin Name : Saccharum officinarum
In India it is called Ganna and Eekh.
Sugarcane belongs to the genus Saccharum which has numerous species that are grown to obtain sugarcane which is used to manufacture sugar. Saccharum officinarum is the plant that is used to produce about 70% of the total sugar produced worldwide.
Sugarcane is a perennial plant that grows in the tropical and sub tropical regions, loves a lot of sun and water but does not like its roots to be waterlogged. It is native to South Asia.
Sugarcane has jointed and stout stalks that are rich in sugar. It is the most grown crop in the world.
Primarily used for sugar production, with about 70 – 80% of the sugar being produced from it and most of the rest being produced from sugar beets.
Sugar making from sugarcane developed in India about 5000 years ago. It spread to Europe in the 1400′s. It is propagated by cutting the stems and planting them this being the most common method of growing sugarcane.
The stalk of sugarcane can be chewed and sucked for its juice or the juice can be extracted by a mechanical or manual juicer. It is widely available in India with roadside vendors or kiosks. Ginger, lemon juice, mint and rock salt are added to enhance its flavor and taste.
Sugarcane juice is a great summer time drink that refreshes, cools and invigorates.
© Copyright 2012Rajan Jolly. All Rights Reserved.When sugarcane is processed it produces cane sugar along with molasses, bagasse and filter cake.
Molasses is of 2 types :
The edible syrup which is used for blending with maple syrup, corn syrup etc, and,
The blackstrap molasses which is inedible and is used in anumal feeds and for the production of ethanol, yeast, citric acid and rum.
Bagasse is used as a bio fuel in boilers, as well as to produce bio gas. It is also used in the manufacture of paper, paper board products and as an agricultural mulch.
Filter cake is also used in animal feeds, as a fertilizer and to produce sugar wax.Some other products that are made from sugarcane are :
Gur or Jaggery – a natural unrefined sugar.
Falernum and Carchaca – alcoholic drinks.
Panela – solid pieces of sucrose and fructose.
Rapadura – the traditional sugar made in Brazil.
Rock Candy – crystallized sugarcane juice.
Sugarcane contains various essential minerals like calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium and potassium.
Sugarcane juice is rich in flavonoid and phenolic compounds which are powerful antioxidants that prevent cell damage by free radicals and reduce risk of cancer and heart disease.
It has a low glycemic index between 30-40, about half that of refined sugar.which has a GI of 64. It has no simple sugars. The sugar is in raw form.
Sugarcane juice is easily digestible, provides instant energy and hydrates the body.
Sugarcane juice is alkaline, contains soluble fiber, proteins and vitamins A, C and Bcomplex.According to Ayurveda, sugarcane and its juice relieves vata and pitta.
Sugarcane juice does not spike sugar levels as it has no simple sugars. Hence it can be consumed by diabetics.
Sugarcane juice with the addition of lime juice and coconut water relieves burning sensation in the urinary tract, promotes urine flow, flushes the kidneys, removes kidney stones and benefits in inflammations of the prostate gland and gonorrhea.
It relieves constipation, acidity, gastritis, ulcers, aids digestion and strengthens the stomach.
A glass of sugarcane juice mixed with lemon or lime juice aids in speedy recovery from jaundice and strengthens the liver.
It lowers cholesterol and triglycerides.
Sugarcane juice relieves hiccups, strengthens the eyes, brain and sex organs.
It cures cold, cough and fever.
Sugarcane juice treats anemia, gives strength and removes debility.
It quenches thirst, provides instant energy, replaces lost minerals during periods of extreme heat.
Sugarcane juice gives strength and increases body weight in thin persons.
To stay healthy drink sugarcane juice everyday.Whooping Cough
Add 60 ml radish juice to a glass of sugarcane juice and drink twice a day.
Dry Cough
Drink sugarcane twice a day. It also relieves uneasiness.
To 1/2 cup of sugarcane juice add 1/2 cup of pomegranate juice. Drink this 2 times daily.
Kidney Stones
Either chew a sugarcane stalk and suck the juice or drink sugarcane juice everyday. It helps to break the stones and removes them.
Low Fever
Drink sugarcane juice twice daily.
Blood Abnormalities
Drink 1 glass of sugarcane juice after meals. It cleanses the blood.
Vomiting Due To Heat
Add 2 tsp honey to a glass of sugarcane juice and drink.
Eat some roasted barley and then drink 1 glass of sugarcane juice. Continue for a week. Also suck on a sugarcane stalk in the morning. It cures jaundice.
The information provided in this hub is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Please consult your physician, or health care provider before taking any home remedies, supplements or starting a new health regime. Latin Name ; Brassica oleraceae.
In India, cauliflower is called Phool Gobhi.
The wild cauliflower is native to Asia from where around 600 BC it spread to the Mediterranean especially Turkey and Italy. It reached Northern Europe and France in the mid 16th century and later on spread to other countries.
Cauliflower has a compact head made up of undeveloped flower buds. The heads are creamy white in color as the surrounding leaves protect it from sunlight preventing the development of chlorophyll. To maintain this whiteness the surrounding leaves are tied over the head.
Cauliflower is also available in light green, yellow and purple colors. The head of cauliflower is called a curd. Apart from the head, the leaves are also edible which includes the tender leaf stalk.
© Copyright 2012 Rajan Jolly. All Rights Reserved.Cauliflower is low in fat and calories providing only 26 calories/100 grams.
There is good amount of dietary fiber about 5% of daily requirement /100 grams.
Rich in phytonutrients like sulforphane and other glucosinolates, carotenoids and the plant sterol, indole-3-carbinol.
It is a rich source of Vitamin C providing about 80% of the daily requirement /100 grams.
Contains good amounts of Bcomplex vitamins niacin, thiamin, pyridoxine, pantothenic acid and folates.
Cholesterol free.
Contains useful amounts of minerals like potassium, iron, manganese, copper with some amounts of magnesium, calcium and zinc.
Low in sodium.
Cauliflower contains phytonutrients that release sulphur compounds when heated. Some phytochemicals react with iron and aluminium cookware, causing browning of the vegetable. A little lemon added to the water used for blanching the cauliflower will prevent this discoloration.
However it is best not to use iron or aluminium cookware.
Also, allowing the cut cauliflower to sit for 5 minutes after cutting will increase its health benefits.
Cooking cauliflower by steaming it rather than boiling it in water reduces its gas forming ability.
Some of the health benefits of cauliflower are as under.
Reduces Cancer Risk
Cauliflower benefits on 3 fronts. It supports the body’s detox system, provides excellent antioxidant support due to the various phytochemicals it contains, its vitamin C content and provides excellent anti inflammatory benefits due to its high Vitamin K levels as well as the glucosinolate – glucobrassin – which is converted to isothiocyanate, the anti inflammatory compound.
The combined effect of these benefits makes cauliflower an excellent risk reducer for a variety of cancers; of the breast, colon, ovary, prostate and bladder.
Improves Cardiovascular Health
The anti inflammatory property of cauliflower ensures the blood vessels are kept free of plaque deposits maintaining it soft and flexible. This keep the blood flow healthy. The glucosinolates ensure this.
Also, the omega 3 fats exhibit anti inflammatory activity and help in preventing cardiovascular disease.
Detoxifies And Boosts Immunity
The antioxidants and sulfur containing phytochemicals, the glucosinolates help the body’s detox activities. Removal of the toxins prevent the body from toxin related damage especially cancer. This boosts the immune system as well.
Keeps Digestive System Healthy
The fiber in cauliflower and more importantly the sulforaphane content protects the stomach lining from the H.pylori bacteria by not allowing them to attach to the stomach mucosa. A healthier lining leads to better digestive health and digestion.
The isothiocyanates also reduce the risk of colon cancer.
Maintains Joint And Bone Health
Vitamin C aids in collagen production thus preventing inflammatory damage to joints. Vitamin K maintains the bone density and bone strength. Bone and joint health is thus ensurThe shocking truth about your health | Lissa Rankin | TEDxFiDiWomen
Lissa Rankin, MD is an OB/GYN physician, author, keynote speaker, consultant to health care visionaries, professional artist, and founder of the women’s heal… Fitness, Nutrition, Tools, News, Health Magazine
Health – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Health News – Medical, Mental and Dental Treatment – Beauty | Your Portal to Health Information from the U.S.
WebMD – Better information. Better health.

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How To Avoid Health Problems That Can Affect You As A Writer.

Salt is indispensable to health but excess of salt or eating the wrong kind of salt gives rise to health problems.
There are many types of salts. Some are mined from the salt deposits left by the dried up lakes and some are procured from the sea water. Some common types of salts are :
Table salt – This is the regular refined salt, that has added chemicals, that we consume everyday in our food.
Kosher salt – This is a large grained irregular shaped crystal salt mainly used for removing as much blood from meat as possible according to the Jewish dietary laws.
Sea salt – This salt is produced from the sea water.
Pickling salt – A very fine salt without any additives used in brines used to pickle foods.
Celtic salt – It is made by solar evaporation of water from the Celtic sea.
Seasoned salt – This is a variety of salts to which herbs are added, like garlic salt, onion salt etc.
Sendha namak (Rock salt) – A large crystalline salt usually used for making ice cream in ice cream machines. Food grade rock salt is available to use in cooking.
Kala namak (Black salt) – A dark reddish black colored crystalline salt that turns a pinkish grey color when ground. It has a distinct sulfurous odor and taste.
According to Ayurveda, Sendha namak or Rock salt is the best salt for eating. The next best is Kala namak or Black salt.
This hub will focus on the last two types of salts – Rock salt and Black salt.
Sendha namak is the Indian name for rock salt. It is a large grained, coarse salt also called halite or land salt and normally available in large bags in most grocery and health food stores. It dissolves readily in water.
Sendha namak is mined from underground deposits of dried up lakes. It is unrefined, non iodized and without added anti caking agents. It is white to pink to blue in color.
This salt is lower in sodium than regular table salt and contains 94 trace minerals as opposed to just 3 of these in the common table salt. As this salt is pure, it is used in religious fasts in India. It does not contain the toxic wastes that sea salt has because of the polluted waters today.
Sendha namak or rock salt is used in Ayurvedic medicines as it treats disorders arising from disturbances in the 3 doshas.
Rock salt benefits the heart, is good for diabetics, prevents osteoporosis, reduces depression and stress, prevents and treats muscle cramps, numbness and tingling sensations, regulates blood pressure, keeps the blood vessels flexible, maintains the correct acid-alkaline levels, helps in digestion, relieves a number of skin problems, benefits in relieving arthritic problems etc.
It is more cooling than sea salt and can be used in small quantities even when other salts have been prohibited.
In India rock salt or sendha namak is used in making chutneys, raita ( a variety of yogurts), chaats, snacks etc.
It lowers the freezing point of water and when sprinkled on ice is used in ice cream making machines. Rock salt is also applied on roads to prevent ice formation on roads in winter and even on ice to make it soft for easy removal.
Rock salt is the best salt for consumption and replacing the common salt with sendha namak completely for those suffering with arthritis will offer them a lot of relief.
Sendha salt (commonly known as rock salt) is more beneficial than other edible salts for patients suffering from chronic kidney disease.
Black salt or Kala namak is a dark brown almost black colored crystalline salt that changes to a pinkish grey powder once it is ground. It is also called sanchal. It has a sulfurous smell much like boiled eggs because of the sulphur in it.
Kala namak is rich in iron and many other trace minerals and is cooling in nature. The dark color is due to its iron content. This salt is obtained from the natural salt mines in Northern India and Pakistan.
Kala namak or Black salt is extensively used in Ayurvedic medicine. It is also used as a condiment in Indian cooking and is added to chaat, chutneys, sprinkled on fruits and other Indian snacks before eating. It tastes great on cut vegetables too.
Black salt is low in sodium. It is also much used in Ayurvedic medicine to treat health issues like indigestion, constipation, bloating, gas, flatulence and heartburn. It is also used to treat goiter and hysteria, poor vision, high blood pressure, anemia,. It ensures proper sodium/phosphorus balance.
Ayurvedic toothpastes contain Kala namak as one of its ingredients.
The information provided in this hub is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Please consult your physician, or health care provider before taking any home remedies, supplements or starting a new health regime.
Latin Name : Ocimum basilicum.
The basil plant is native to India and other tropical countries of Asia. The basil plant is also called sweet basil and is different from the Holy basil plant which is the plant Ocimum tenuiflorum also called Tulsi in India.
Seeds of the sweet basil plant are called sabja, tukmaria, tukhmaria, falooda, selasih etc in India. Sabja or tukmaria seeds are used in Ayurvedic and Siddha medicine in India as well as in Chinese medicine.Photo credit
Photo creditThe sweet basil plant has over 150 cultivated varieties. One variety, the Holy basil or Ocimum sanctum (Ocimum tenuiflorum) is a much revered plant that is considered sacred and much used in religious ceremonies in India.
Basil has been cultivated in Asia including India for over 5000 years.
Sweet basil is an annual herbaceous plant, about 2 to 4 feet in height, has light green colored silky feel leaves that grow opposite each other. The flowers are white in color and borne on a terminal spike.
Sweet basil grows best in a hot and dry climate and is very cold sensitive. Though it prefers full sunlight it can be grown indoors in pots. The leaves may wilt in full sunlight but they soon recover on watering. Excess watering may lead to yellowing of the leaves lower down on the stem. This yellowing can also occur due to lack or excess of fertilizer.
The stems bearing the flower spikes can be pinched off if one needs the leaves or the foliage to keep growing as once the flowers mature foliage production stops on that stem and the stem turns woody.
The flowers produce small, tear drop shaped jet black seeds. The seeds when soaked in water absorb water and swell to many times their original size with a gelatinous covering. They have a bland taste but are crunchy when chewed and provide a jelly like interesting nutty feel and bite.
Seeds of the sweet basil plant are called sabja or tukmaria.
Photo credit Basil contains many polyphenolic flavonoids especially Orientin and Vicenin. These provide the antioxidant benefits.
Brazil leaves are rich in many essential oils like eugenol, citronellol, linalool, limonene, citral and terpineol. These provide antibacterial and anti inflammatory benefits.
Low in calories and free of cholesterol.
High levels of beta carotene, lutein, zeaxanthin, Vitamin A and Vitamin K.
Contains good amounts of minerals like potassium, manganese, copper, calcium and magnesium, and vitamins C and folates.
Excellent source of iron at 40% RDA per 100 grams.
Photo credit Basil seeds have antioxidant, anticancer, antiviral, antibacterial, antimicrobial, antispasmodic, antiseptic, antifungal, carminative, galactagogue, stomachic properties.
The carminative properties are useful in providing relief in a wide range of digestive issues like flatulence, stomach cramps, indigestion, constipation etc.
The antispasmodic property benefits in controlling and providing relief in whooping cough and also gives soothing effects. Also provides relief in respiratory problems like cold, cough, flu etc.
A mixture of basil leaves with honey and ginger is useful in treating bronchitis and asthma. The leaves can be added to water and boiled after grated ginger is added to it. After boiling for a couple of minutes, take it off the heat, cool it for a while , add honey and drink for relief.
Sabja seeds have a calming effect on the brain. They relieve stress, tension, mental fatigue, depression and migraine. They also aid in enhancing the mood.
The antibacterial properties benefit in the treatment of cuts, wounds, and infections of the skin. The seeds can be crushed and applied.
The seeds help in reducing weight. Once the seeds are soaked in water they swell immensely and when this water along with the seeds is consumed before meals it fills one up thus preventing chances of overeating.
The anti inflammatory properties benefit by reducing inflammation, pain and swelling in arthritis, control formation of plaque in the arteries thereby reducing the risk of stroke and heart attacks. They also lower cholesterol.
A glass of soaked sabja seeds when consumed prevents heartburn and also relieves a bloated stomach which results from incorrect eating habits.
When this is taken at bedtime the basil seeds help to cleanse the the body of toxins which are eliminated through the excellent bowel movements ekhewra rock salt light pinkkhewra rock salt pinkcolorless rocksalt

khewra rock salt light pinkThe shocking truth about your health | Lissa Rankin | TEDxFiDiWomen
Lissa Rankin, MD is an OB/GYN physician, author, keynote speaker, consultant to health care visionaries, professional artist, and founder of the women’s heal…
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A Google Drive App for iPad Tutorial

My 86 year old mother, an elderly widower (and avid board game player) had seven children more than half a century ago. Her offspring, grandchildren and great-grandchildren live around the world; many of us are far away from her.
We’ve stayed in touch through phone calls, texts, emails, Facebook, and Skype. But the quality of ‘being really in touch’ and feeling the intimacy of our relationship was left largely to our imaginations (and the love) and to the memories of the last time we met up. Until now.
This article is about games on the iPad for the elderly which increase the quality of communication between our mother, for example and ourselves – and between her and the rest of the world; about how immediate that communications is – being continuously updated through a game of ongoing scrabble – a ‘next move’ frequently played on a whim.
Through playing word building games (and the use of incorporated ‘chat’), or any fun game, we are in touch with our elderly person in a playful way. The ability to ‘chat’ whilst playing the game is realistic and seriously good – because we are up-to-the-minute with them, just as they are with us.
By drawing pictures, they can expresses their artistic selves and share what they’re up to, without having to get paints out and make a mess – just when the moment grabs them, even in the middle of the night.
Because the iPad is so light, and has no wires, it’s easy to move round their house – from table top to bed, or from kitchen to patio, which means elderly people are free once more to be spontaneous about what they want to do next, from looking at Google maps,(fantasizing where we are and what we might be doing) to playing scrabble, to emailing family or friends.
Because it’s about ‘tapping’ the screen and not typing a keyboard, it is easier for arthritic hands and fingers! (Plus there’s no keyboard or mouse to lug around).
I’ve included a very simple description of the iPad.
Illustrations we made on the iPad
An imaginary scene of dialogue and thoughts between an elderly person and a family member playing a ‘word’ on the ‘Words with Friends’ app on the iPad (to illustrate how connected we really are through the game).
The website Top 148 Paid iPhone Games writes the app Words with Friends is designed for the iPhone and is compatible with the iPad and says there are “More than 20 million people addicted to the word building, triple score seeking, chat bubble sending goodness”.
You can download a ‘free’ version to try it out – and then simply switch to a ‘paid’ version really easily. The price rages from approximately from a one off price 1$- $3.
You can play up to 20 games at the same time.
It has in game chat messaging
Push notifications that are speedy.
My other favorite iPad games that I think elderly people might get a lot of fun out of are games they have always played and are completely familiar with, games that bring back fond memories:
Monopoly app which is a favorite with Top 148 too. The classic version is great! Check it out on the Top 148 Paid iPhone games.
Winner of the Best Free game award app in 2008 was Chess with Friends
Elderly people can feel seriously estranged and powerless over how to stay in touch with their families, spontaneously. It isn’t always easy to share the moments that are filled with the all-the-little-things-that-count-so-much, because of being separated by distance, time differences and/ or by the busy lives of their growing families.
Being separated over time creates a separation, no matter how well we try not to let that happen. Life, after all, is in the details – in things we go through, or do, or feel, in things that we don’t happen to mention on that phone call, because they seem momentarily insignificant.
Piece by little piece, we select to leave out first this-little-thing then others, until we’ve left out gaping holes of experience. We converse with our loved one, our parent (or elderly person) – censoring our little pieces, as they do the same, until our intimate connection is holding on now by only the finest of gossamer thread; by love. How many times have we helplessly hung up on a loved one and wondered what was really going on?
Playing an interactive game on the New iPad changes all that; distance, time, being busy- they don’t affect the game whatsoever. It’s by playing the game we stay in touch.The word building games through the apps are on-going (my mother usually has 11 games on – at the same time).
It works like this;
An imaginary scenario!
You’ve opened your Words with Friends App
At the back of your mind somewhere you wonder how to make a great score with your letters. Hmmmm. A quick thought for your mother. She is doing the same thing. Hmmmm.
You get to bed, pull out your iPad, or iPhone and make that word. It’s late but you like the idea of a chill-out moment’s word-building with your mother.
Meanwhile, she’s having breakfast say, and there! She has a word to play with. She thinks of you. You have written a message.
On the ‘chat’ icon that’s so easy to find on the right of the screen you tap – “On nights now, so this will have to do for a while. All OK for you?”
She taps back “Not going swimming today. Too lazy. Hope you get enough sleep”.
You find her tone a bit weird. You might want to tell her to go swimming, but you agree, if she’s tired “It’s best to stay home then”.
There’s the care. Now we both know how we are and that we are thinking of each other. You may note how strange that your mother doesn’t want to go swimming, and make a further note to make sure that you will in fact play a word with her later on – on your iPhone during lunch break. You can control how her health and well being is by – being in touch.
This is the best way for an elderly person to feel connected and loved. (And mentally challenged!) And for us to ‘keep an eye on them’ as we keep tabs on their health (and moods) and enjoy being close.
It’s a two way thing for sure.My mother re- visited many of her family members in England. She met up with most of her grand children, including a grand daughter that she had not seen for more than six years, (my niece). They were chatting. Someone’s iPad was on the table and my mother kept looking at it.
My niece suggested that they have a game of Scrabble since she knew how much her nanny loves playing.
“I could play you Nanny”, my niece said, opening the iPad.
“I don’t believe you!” replied my mother.
My niece, a very clever, kind, young lady, gave my mother a second iPad that was in the room and talked my mother through. She said
“You tap it and then I’ll tap it on mine”.
They did.
“Then you tap it”.
And so on. It was a revelation to my mother who said
“It just appeared! You mean I can do this?!”
The two of them were scrunched up close together, totally connected. My mother whose motivation was piqued to the tilt had wanted to learn how to play the game on the iPad with my niece.
My niece made it possible by lovingly taking her through the few simple steps on the iPad. We all stood by and watched Nanny getting hooked.
My mother returned to her home in California and through the ‘Words with Friends’ app she continues her word game with her niece- even though they might only play a word a week!
The extra bonus in all this is that because my mother is in the middle of a game with my niece, she knows exactly what’s going on for her (in her personal life, aside from the game). And although she hasn’t had a play from her in quite a while, she’s up to speed on her grand daughter’s busy weeks. She defends her as she would if they were in the same house. She rushes to her defense, “Oh, but she’s so busy at the hospital. And she’s got exams all week. She hasn’t got a minute!”
Now my mother knows what is going on with her grand daughter, she feels for her, imagines where she is and what her work is like in the hospital. She can pick up her iPad and Google map her and fantasize a little longer if she wants, perhaps see the hospital parking grounds and wonder which one is her car. She feels proud of her, she worries for her. She is involved with her emotionally as though they were not divided by oceans and continents, as though they were scrunched up together that day learning how to play a favorite word game of on the iPad in England.
My mother’s relationship with her grandchild is vibrantly alive now. Through their iPad ‘word building game’ they have their own intimate connection.
A little basic information about the iPad for elderly people who might be interested in getting one.
Its picture resolution very, very clear.
It is a tablet, smaller than an A4 piece of paper or card and weighs only 1.44 pounds (for the Wi-Fi model.)
It is slim and a pleasure to handle and touch.
It can have a leather cover.
You open it up – and immediately look at the world and talk to the world.
It’s like a phone but because it is visual, its images make it so much stronger.
There are no cords or flexes. Its battery recharges as a mobile phone’s does, and

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How I Learned How To Make Money On The Internet

Every now and then, people searches and stumbles upon scary things on the internet. Surprisingly, the Internet holds a lot of these scary sites and stuff while even carrying along things with similar demeanor such as being disturbing, weird, creepy, horrifying, and eerie. While people will inevitably try to explore these scary websites out of curiosity and boredom, there’s a good chance they’ll get what they are expecting, and sometimes, even more!
Lined here on this hub are the scariest things you could find on the internet. Beware! You are now in for a real shocking scare! Proceed at your own discretion because surely…some of these stuff are not for the faint-of-heart. You have been thoroughly warned!
Last warning: Again, if you’re that kind of person who easily gets creeped out, scared, is weak-hearted, and very afraid — turn back now while you can!Look, Find, Wait, and you will see…
This one’s a classic example of scary web stuff. It’s been around the net for years now, only to scare and creep out those who dare to look into scary stuff.
Now, search that scary mystery room until you find that startling surprise! Or should I say…shock!
Now, if you decide to give it a try, stare at the eerie picture for like 60-seconds or more to see that thing you probably don’t want to see in your own room.
I tell you, this is one of the scary websites you could find online with its classic spookiness at a very fine level.Ghost stories and Scary Sites at their finest
This korean illustrated comic, Bong-Cheong Dong Ghost, really brings on the chills. What’s more is…it’s based on a TRUE STORY!
For maximum viewing experience: Scroll the comic down as you read at your own ghostly pace! Also, turn on the sounds up high!
Be warned though that this ain’t your usual horror comic strip, and when I said that…*err…just see for yourself.Another ghost site and page that will spook you out~
The Ok-su Station Ghost Mystery Sketch is quite similar to the Bong-Cheong Dong Ghost Mystery Sketch but a little milder. I said milder, but mind you, it’s still creepy in its own graphic sense.
For maximum viewing experience: Scroll the comic down as you read at your own ghostly pace!
This story is very creepy in its own sense and aspects. Trains and Train Stations with Ghosts and Demons can actually become so eerie that it’ll just keep dragging you into the darkness.Scary Online Flash Game
Who would have thought that a simple online flash game like “The House” could get this scary?
That’s correct! It’s only a flash game but hell yeah…it has the creepy and shock factor that will surely scare the living daylight out of anyone who dares to play the game.
Oooooh! Pull that mouse cursor over to the house and see the scary site that will give you the shock and thrill you deserve. Bwahahahahahaha!!!!
Oh, by the way, if these scary games online are your bet, then there’s more over here at Scariest Horror Games Online.
Enjoy the nightmare of horror games!Think Exorcism of Emily Rose and Requiem? They were inspired by this real-life story.
Those with a weak heart, do not play this video! This scary video contains the audio and horrid sounds of the Exorcism of Anneliese Michel.
Well, it looks like a simple video depicting the exorcism but once you hear the sounds, you’re into one big disturbing experience.
And by the way, you’d see some movies on the right part of this block. These movies are: “Exorcism of Emily Rose” and “The Last Exorcism”. The former (Exorcism of Emily Rose) is a movie directly inspired from the real-life exorcism of Anneliese Michel while the latter (The Last Exorcism) is another horror movie that depicts the dangers of possessions and exorcism.
Now, go play that scary exorcism audio tape down below. It’s terrifying enough to hear it like that. I’d give you bonus bravery points if you play it during the night by yourself alone.A game that started the horrific flash game chaos and madness!
I’m sure a lot of people are already familiar with this scary maze game. Yes, it’s a very simple game and yet it has the capability to scare the crap out of a very unsuspecting player.
This game is so unsuspectingly scary that many people have cried, panicked, shocked, and fell victim to it’s ghostly surprise attack.You’ll never be able to look at the mirror again!
This is exactly what happens when you are having a bad hair day and you decide to look at yourself in the mirror.
Even a vain narcissistic person wouldn’t dare to look at his/her reflection again once he/she finds out this undeniable mirror-image. But then again, maybe that’s just how you look like. Just accept it already.Literally, it’s a stalker that will get you terrified for life.
Simply put, “Take this Lollipop” takes it to a new level of fright by leading a terrifying stalker right to your doorstep. Okay, I’ll keep my mouth shut now. You’ll have to find out by yourself how this bone-chilling brilliance of a site messes with your mind.
Go on, connect it with your Facebook account and witness the blood-curdling scare of your life.
Trust me, it’s safe and it won’t post anything on your Facebook profile. I can assure you that connecting it to your own Facebook account will yield the maximum experience for this application needs to horrify you.Just an innocent car passing-by on the road. Wait…whut?!
Watch as a seemingly innocent car passing by the road turns into a scary and traumatic experience.
Well again, this video is definitely NOT for scaredy cats and sissies! Oooh, gonna cry? Watch it then and prove that nothing scares you!Just a Scary Website (Fiction) on the Internet web
Creepy Pasta holds a massive amount of horror stories and scary pictures any horror-lover would love, and would not want to miss.
True to fact, the ghost stories and scary writings on Creepy Pasta has given many people lots of endless nightmares. And mind you, you actually have to confirm your age before you can even start reading all the bizarre and freaky stuff there.
Now step into the dark domain of the horror internet stories scary website, Creepy Pasta.
Spooky Bonus:
CreepyPasta Wiki – this wiki website summarizes the whole Creepy Pasta domain in one fell swoop which gives it a toned-down look and navigation system sourcing-in to the original site. You’d find the basic details here as well as the most recent news and whatnot about Creepy Pasta.Know the Scary Hidden meaning of Jingle Bells
Poke spookiness into the night (and even day) as you watch this disturbing Reversed Jingle Bells audio clip of the classic Christmas season song, “Jingle Bells”.
Check it out if you are brave enough to decode the meaning. It’s not my fault if something bad happens to you.Salad Fingers will disturb and freak you out!
Salad Fingers is a psychological-horror cartoon series created by David Firth.
In terms of eeriness and creepiness, this video series will probably freak you out with its disturbing antics and bizarrely weird elements. Personally, It gave me the chills because it’s totally whacked-out, messed-up, and really eerie. Its plot, characters, and all of its parts are really weird and unusual.
You should watch it if you think you can handle the silent madness. Just looking at that green freak of a character (Salad Fingers) and his suspicious actions may induce nightmares.Know the date and reason of your looming death!
With this Hour of Death application, all you have to do is input the information needed like your age, gender, height, and weight. Then, your death is set! Prepare for the most horrendous truth you would wish you never uncovered.
This is your very last warning. If you really are adamant on knowing when and how exactly you’re going to die, then do as you wish! It’s your life after all.The subject of internet stalkers & con artists has been a serious topic for a while. We’ve all heard of cases where the alleged perpetrator singles out an underage female to lure them to a secluded place so they can have sex with them after finding each other on an online dating site. And in worst cases, assault, rape and even kill their victims. How do these unsuspecting victims, mostly female, end up in these predicaments? I’m going to tell you a story of one woman’s experience and how, thankfully, she was able to avoid any physical assault, though she was left with an overwrought guilt, shame & feeling of sadness. If anything, let this story be an example of how easily someone can be lured into a potentially harmful situation.It started on an internet social network site. An articulate man with a charming style became acquainted with her through seemingly harmless comments concerning similar interests. The correspondence was light, at first, and she enjoyed what she thought was innocent, animated conversation. And, in fact, it was. But soon his comments began to become more personal with compliments about her picture, how pretty she was, and finally the question: Would it be okay if they talked on their personal ema

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CSCS Card Course Practice Mock Exam, Actual Questions & Answers From The CSCS Test 2014/15 UK

John Locke (1632-1704) was a political philosopher who is credited as the father of liberalism. He immortalized himself by his championing if individual freedom and extension of democracy before the inauguration of the age of democracy. (Mukherjee, et al). He made significant contribution in his writings and particularly in “The two treatises of the government”, that inform the basis of democratic theory and practice long before its emergence. He, like other social contract theorists, described a state of nature as the foundation of the state. It is the characteristics of his state of nature that offer the context within which his views are articulated.
George Orwell says of democracy in his essay “ Politics and the English language” says that “ in the case of a word like democracy, not only is there no agreed definition but the attempt to make one is resisted from all sides… the defenders of any kind of regime will claim that it is a democracy and fear that they might be forced to stop using the word if it were tied down to any one meaning.” Sartori has argued that it is indeed a misleading term for what it claims to designate. However, he goes on to define it as government by consent. This shall be adopted as a working definition for the purposes of this paper.
It then follows that democracy implies a participatory system of governance. It has such characteristics such as universal participation, political equality, majority rule, voluntary consent to be governed and individual freedom.According to Mukherjee and Ramaswamy in their book “ A history of political thought: Plato to Marx), Locke adopted the technique of social contract to explain that legitimate political authority was derived from the consent of its people, and that it could be withdrawn when the freedom of the individual was curtailed or violated. He described the state of nature in which man was in a state of perfect freedom and equality. There was also the law of nature to govern this state of nature. Under the law, everyone as he was ‘…bound to preserve himself…’ ought as much as he could, preserve the rest of mankind. All men would be restrained from invading the rights of others and from doing hurt to one another.
Locke believed that the individual was naturally free and became a political subject out of free choice. Individuals in the state of nature decided to constitute themselves into a civil society in order to protect and preserve freedom and to enlarge it. This state of nature as described by Locke, and its characteristics \such as government by consent, form the basis upon which his contributions to democratic theory and practice shall be evaluated.
Democracy implies that the people are governed by their voluntary consent. The power to govern vests in the people and it is they, by their consent, that constitute government. According to Locke, the individual was naturally free and only became a political subject out of free choice. Without the consent of the people there could not be formed a civil society/ community. From its very definition, democracy is government by consent. Therefore, it is evident that Locke belief in the government by consent forms bedrock for the democratic belief in the same.Locke also emphasized that all men were equal. There was a perfect state of equality with all the power being reciprocal and no one having more than the other. This is a fundamental principle of present day democracy. As espoused, in the American declaration of Independence, “ we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal…” the emphasis being the every man, whatever his social standing, should be treated the same in the political system should have one vote and that all votes should be counted equally. Democracy holds this as one of its fundamental beliefs.
From the equality of man stated above, flows the democratic principle of universal participation. That no man shall be excluded from the political process. Everyone in society should have the opportunity to cast his vote that shall carry equal weight as all the others, because it is they, individually and collectively that give consent for the establishment of government to govern in his behalf. He therefore must have the right to choose such government.Democratic theory and practice hold as one of its most fundamental principles, majority rule. The consent of the majority of the people is deemed the will of the entire population. Locke says, ‘ and thus everyman, by consenting with the others to make one body politick under one government, puts himself under an obligation to everyone of that society to submit to the determination of the majority and to be concluded by it.’ Therefore, through this social contract, individuals consent to submit to majority rule and civil society. In political practice though, present day democracies are taking an even greater interest in the protection of the rights of the minority through affirmative action even though they still uphold the majority rule.Locke, noting that the compulsion to constitute a civil society was to protect and preserve freedom and to preserve it, observed that it lacked an established, settled known law; a known indifferent judge; and an executive to enforce just decisions. He therefore pre-empted Louis Montesqueiu’s works on the doctrine of separation of powers, by insisting that the legislature and the executive had to be separate. The principle of separation of powers as was later expressed by Montesquieu is indeed one of the indicators of democracy and remains and important consideration for any democracy. There can be no functional democracy without the separation of powers. In addition to these, Locke argued for the supremacy of the Legislature amongst the institutions of government. He believed it to be representative of the people. In fact, it is the only one established in the social contract. This still is a fundamental principle of democracy.Locke noted that even after the establishment of the political society, the individual retained a private sphere where he pursued his activities. Also, that man derived from the laws of nature, the natural rights of life, liberty and estate. He therefore emphasised that all individuals had rights and it was the duty of the state to protect those rights. It is significant, that he believed the rights to emanate from the laws of nature and not the state. The state would only protect these rights and by doing so, could restrain all men from invading the rights of others and from doing hurt to one another. Individual rights are a major principle of democracy. Indeed, individual rights are so highly rated in the debate of democracy that a state that does not recognize, uphold and protect is automatically termed undemocratic.Democracy emphasizes the sovereignty of the people. It is the people who retain the supreme authority. The American Declaration of Independence states in part that if a government by “…a long train of abuses and usurpations…evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their (the people) right, it is their duty, to throw off such government…” Locke was of the same view. He saw political power as a trust, with the general community specifying its aims and purposes (Mukherjee). Indeed he viewed absolute political power as illegitimate arguing that it was tantamount to the people giving up to another, aright which they did not have in the first place. He also argued that even though community appointed a legislature, is continued to retain supreme power. In his own words, “ the legislature being only a Fiduciary power to act for certain ends, there remains in the people a supreme power to remove or alter the legislature, when they find it act contrary to the trust reposed in them.” This informs that democratic belief that every democracy must have regular and periodic elections where the people can exercise their sovereignty.Locke’s emphasis on constitutionalism, consent and toleration has been integral components of modern political theory especially in liberalism and democracy. In fact, his works influenced the American liberation so much so that his influence was seen as a self-evident truth. He was often described as America’s philosopher-King (Mukherjee).
From the foregoing therefore, it is clearly evident that the social contract theory advanced by Locke, have indeed had a significant impact on the development of democratic theory and practice.Welcome to Part 3 of How To Make A Cute Toddler’s Bib – where it will be finished! Like I said in the other hub, this is a larger bib that covers more of the little one’s clothes so that they can make a playful mess and hopefully won’t get any of it on their clothes.
The first thing that needs to be done now is to baste the bib together. The basting stitch is a temporary stitch which only holds the material together until it is sewed together Drake – Practice (Lyrics) [NORMAL PITCH]

Practice Fusion: Free Electronic Health Records
Practice | Define Practice at
Practice – Merriam-Webster Online
practice – definition of practice by The Free Dictionary

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<article><div id=”title”><div class=”author_attribution”> <div class=”author_attribution_img”> <img src=”” alt=”edas88 profile image” title=”edas88 profile image”/> </div> <div class=”author_byline”> by <a href=”” rel=”author”>edas88</a><br/> 59 Followers </div> </div><div class=”title_box”><div class=”"><h1>Cheap Beginner Graphics Tablets</h1>

Graphics tablet for artist
Technology is forever moving forward
and computer input devices are no exception. The PC Graphics tablets
(see my review of the Aiptek PC graphics tablet here) have moved on
leaps and bounds and offers the digital artist and designer superb
freedom and versatility needed in todays competitive market.
A graphics tablet is an input device used by artists and designers
that allows the users to draw and paint via the tablet onto the
screen of a computer, be it a desk top or laptop screen, without
to depend on the mouse and keyboard, as the mouse is just not
designed for the freedom, versatility ans sensitivity needed to paint
and draw intuatively on screen. The PC Graphics tablet is made up of
two separate sections including a flat tablet and pen. A graphics
tablet may also be referred to as a drawing tablet,digitizing tablet,
graphics pad, drawing pad or PC tablet to name but a few variations,
but all are the same.
A graphics tablet come in many sizes, from 3″ by 4″ (7.6
by 10.2 cm) versions to larger 7″ by 9″ (17.8 by 22.9 cm)
version and as an artist, the bigger the better to allow you to have
that natural freedom the PC Graphics Tablet and pen gives you.
Talking od size there are larger graphics tablets targeted towards
professional designers and architects. Size is one of the main factor
to which price bracket the graphics tablet falls into, but as
mentioned, try and buy a PC Graphics Tablet at the largest size
possible for you budget.
The idea of using a graphic tablet as a digital artist is to simulate the
freedom and ease of use like natural materials such as paint brush and
pencil. To this end any graphics tablet you purchase must have a good
range of pressure sensitivity in the drawing surface of your graphics
tablet. High pressure sensitivity of at least 1024 levels is really a
must and allows you to control a number of important points when and
painting on screen. Color and line thickness, which is simply by
pressing the stylus more or less heavily, mimicking drawing with an
actual pen are all determined by the sensitivity of the graphics
tablet. There is not point wanting to do delicate detailed work wit a
tabley which sensitivity is just not up to the job. Pencil and brush
strokes that tapper off and fade out are only possible with a PC
tablet with a high sensitivity.
Your graphics tablet should come with a pen that allows you to work the
surface of the tablet itself. Some come with the need for a small
battery and other do not. Some are stand alone and have no wires
connecting them to the tablet but others do. You should consider your
requirements when you chose, but as an artist using the graphics
tablet is all about simulating using natural materials. With this in
mind I would recommend a stand alone pen.
Many pens will come with buttons built onto the pen, and some pens
have an erasing end. This is an excellent feature because the buttons
can be programmed for specific functions such as a right-click or
double-click, and the erasing tip can perform a delete function in
one swipe. Some tablet manufacturers offer additional pens and other
pointing tools that you can program independently.

As an artist who could be using the same graphics tablet and pen
for long periods of time, the size, feel and weight of the pen needs
to be considered. Like the graphics tablets on the market, they come
with all sort of pens so make sure that when you chose look at the
pen as this will be in yiur had all the time.Size is one of the major factors you will need to consider when
you chose a graphics tablet with cost being one of the main factors
and the work you intend to use the tablet for. In my opinion, as an
artist working digitally, there is nothing worse than trying to paint
and draw on a graphics tablets that are to small as it feel unnatural
to an artist who is used to drawing or painting with large sweeping

The most popular sizes of graphics tablets have been 4×5, 6×8, and
9×12 which matches up neatly to the 4:3 aspect ratio of traditional
computer monitors. As technology moves on there has been a increase
of wide screen monitors and companies such as Wacom and Aiptek have
produced graphics tablets that work with and are built to take into
account wide screen monitors.
For myself it bigger is better as you need the freedom as you
would when painting and drawing with natural materials, but as the
graphics tablets get larger the cost rises.
This can vary from $100 to $1000 and
more but graphics tablets come in many different
sizes and cost brackets and you should decide what you require your
tablet for before you buy. One piece of advice would be to look at
the specification of the graphics tablet for such things as
sensitivity which I mentioned earlier in this page, as depending on
what your requirements are, its not always the most expensive is
best. Take a look at my review on the Aiptek PC Graphics tablet I did
here, as the specificatons on the graphics tablet were exactly as I
needed but the tablet was fraction of the cost of a leading brand..

As an artist using digital tools, the
graphics tablet is only the input device and this must be coupled
with an art, drawing or painting programme and watch out for my hubs
on this. The first image below is named Cave Dragon and was produced on the Aiptek graphics tablet. You can see an insight and some step-by-steps on how I produce the digital dragon art by clicking this link – How to paint Dragon Art. The second image below is the Sand Dragon and was also produced on the Aiptek PC graphics tablet. You can also see an insight and some step-by-steps on how I produced the digital dragon art by clicking this link – How to paint a DragonAs an artists I like to show my work and at Deviant Art I have a selection of work on show. From fantasy art to traditional art, in both traditional mediums and digital, so take a look here at is a pretty rich selection of relatively cheap graphics tablets available in case your budget does not allow for something more expensive. Buying a graphics tablet should not be based solely on your money, and you should rather consider the specifications you want to have and make your choice based on that.
You may think that a good balanced tablet cannot be found below 100$, but in the further sections of this article you will see that there are several options that start as low as 30$ that have excellent characteristics.
Some of the general flaws of cheap graphics tablets are heavier pen styluses (because they mostly include a battery inside), and smaller resistance to damage from drops and scratches. However, if you can take care of your things well, the duration of these tablets should not be an issue at all.
In the following sections we will talk about what you can get for a smaller amount of money.Regardless of your limited budget, when buying a graphics tablet, you need to look for certain things. Even the cheapest among them have decent stats, so you should think about what you want and be picky for your money. Your aim is to get a tablet that is a real value product, which will justify the money’s worth and be a great help in your artistic and designing projects.
Some things to look out for:
Dimensions of the graphics tablet – Keep in mind that the dimensions of the tablet itself are not the dimensions of its work area. The work surface will be a bit smaller, and make sure to see exactly how big it is.
Pressure-sensitivity – You can find tablets with 512, 1024, and even 2048 levels of pressure-sensitivity. 1024 is an excellent PS level and should be more than enough for most.
Is the pen cordless or not – Try to buy a graphics tablet with a cordless (wireless) pen stylus, because otherwise it might be awkward and limiting to work with it.
These three things are the main attributes to check when looking for a low price drawing tablet, so make sure to check the stats of each before deciding to reach for the wallet.This is a very good and very cheap graphics tablet from Wacom, and regardless of its relatively low price, it is very durable and practical. The active area of this tab is 3.6 by 5.8 inches, which is a nice basis for a lot of artistic freedom.
Wacom Bamboo Splash comes with an ergonomic pen which has its own pen holder. The pen fits nicely into the hand and it is very light which is a great advantage. It will make for a natural feeling of pen on paper.
It also comes with free downloadable software which is a great advantage as well – Autodesk Sketchbook Express and ArtRage Studio are in a bundle with this drawing tablet. When it comes to its pressure-sensitivity, Splash offers 1024 levels of sensitivity, which is ecellent.
Generally, Splash is a good looking, ergonomic tablet which is light and is thus good for carrying around. Just make sure to protect it from scratches and falls.DigiPro graphics tablet offers 1024 levels of pressure-s

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